Party games have been redefined through out the years. One of my earliest party games that I can remember playing started was Trivial Pursuit, probably Disney version as a child. The party game genre has grown immensely thanks to games like Apples to apples and the dreaded Cards Against Humanity. One of the best party games that I've played ever since being introduced at summer camp is role playing classic Mafia (aka werewolf). The conflict of that game is always frustrated for alpha type male gamer like myself. In the last year there has been a resurgence of party games in my personal life. One game that I have picked up in the last couple of months has been Cash n' Guns. The game does not take itself seriously however I should put a disclaimer that in this game you are point foam shape guns in order to either shoot or buff the other players out of the round. Not really a game that should be played with strangers or in a public store for that matter but it's light heart-ed nature and art down plays that you could shoot your friend. This game has gotten a lot of play time with my family, gaming group and even young people that I work with.

This game always has lots of laughter unless you have a highly competitive person who only has fun if they win. Normally those types of gamers end up looking down the barrel of many foam guns. Normally I would be that person and be frustrated however I love this game. I personally still have fun while losing. I can honestly tell you the 20 times I've played I've never won. NEVER. Still this game is must have and great party hit. I can not wait to get my hands on the expansion for the game. However it is not my most excited party game that I will be getting. After Gen Con and countless hours of watching videos, the party game I can not wait for is Code Names. Tomorrow Code Names will be sitting on my door step thanks to Coolstuff.inc. This is a party game I can get behind. Yes it's a word game and takes a simple concept of password and puts its to a grid for two competing teams. The amount of hours I've spent playing Catch Phrase, Trivial Pursuit and Apples to Apples hopefully will help my brain come up with the proper Code Names to help my team advance in points. Now I just have to wait my 24 hours until my shipment shows up. My excitement to bring a new party game to family get togethers and my sunday night dinner and games. For now I am gonna turn on the game show network and watch password as many times as I can before when I can cut the deck.

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