"I am going on an adventure"

As Biblo Baggins put it so vigorously, "I am going on adventure..."

Today I am embarking upon a new adventure. Like most adventures starting might be the hardest part. Here is the vision for my new journey. That I would share the games I am most passionate about; both in love and hate. Most blogs from here on out will be focused on the love of my game collection, that is vastly growing. It will also include games that I can NOT stand to play one more time. Now my opinion might offend, do I care? No. Should you take to heart my opinion that you might disagree with my decisions or responses to games? No. This is one man's opinion, not everyone's. Know also I am currently developing my own game and quite frequently I might use this blog to vent, announce or mention my game's development, so I too, am subject to the opinion of others. Will I be offended by your comments? No. Will I respond to comments? Yes.

Much like some of you, my adventure into board gaming started way back in the day. My earliest memory of table top gaming was of course some the classics like kerplunk, hi-ho cherry ho, sorry, Uno and many others. My love for many of those games exist however there was one game that I ran across at age 10 that changed how I would forever view board games. That game was made and published by Milton Bradley in the early 90's Heroes Quest!!!

This game had it all. The board was gorgeous and gigantic (for a 10 year old). The miniatures - oh the minis - were simply stunning. The 4 character class reminded me so much of my time reading from my two favorite authors in C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. Dwarf, Elf, Barbarian and Wizard, remains to be the class system of the majority of fantasy games made today. It's interesting to note that all of the characters had their weakness and strengths which oddly enough continue today in newer games and RPGs. As cool as the character classes are/were, the miniatures were fabulous as well, the thing that stands out is evil in this game. If I ever had the option of playing as a hero or villain, I would choose villain simply because of the knowledge of what my friends were about to walk into was so amazing. Very similar to a Dungeon master in D&D they knew whether or not the floor had traps, that the chest was rigged to explode and they knew where every gargoyle was located that could bring their friends to their impending doom. Not to mention the wall (pictured below in the top left) where I would examine the book to give light to whatever horror my friends would step into next. All of which lead to biggest reason why I love Hero Quest...the gameplay.

You can have an amazing theme, great miniatures, and amazing story. It does not mean anything unless you have phenomenal game play. Game play is king in any type of game. Hero quest is as amazing as the game looked, it plays so simply as well. I remember traps, I remember combat and remember that the if you lost a member of the team the Dungeon master was going to win. But the overall turn order, combat and defense system it eludes me. I personally had to go download a PDF of the rules book on board game geek to remember the game play. Upon review I remember how generic the game play truly was in Hero quest. It's simple roll to attack and roll to defend. (with some spells to modify dice rolls) Maybe this is why the game has left an impact on my brain. It was simple. Nothing complex. I attack with 4 and you defend with 2. Well that means 2 hits have been taken. Simple, Simple, keep your games simple. Now I say this but the truth of the matter is you can learn to play hero quest in 10-20 mins depending on your knowledge of move, attack and defend style of games, but it takes a lifetime to master. I can tell you that if a complete copy of hero quest showed up at my door step in the next year or so I'd be happy however I also know that the amount of times it hits my gaming table would be very minimal due to it being a highly collectible game. Now a company is wanting to re make this dungeon crawl and keep the things the same down to the miniatures, well when it comes out kiss my money goodbye. Speaking of money I do not recall what price was during it's release window, however what I do remember is the constant up keep of expansions. The barbarian and elves each had a expansion which made the cost of a game go up. The quest required to keep playing were found in the expansion. The expansions where not game changing but truthfully more quests, to keep people from memorizing the locations of traps, and enemies. All of this lead to one epic and memorable game. Without a doubt this is the game that got me hooked. This is the game that I would love to play every day for a month or so straight with my friends after school. This is my childhood favorite game that I would play with my friends. Love it. If you are like me and got hooked on gaming thanks to QUEST let me know in the comments below. Remember if the game allows it, cut the deck.

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