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After I finish a game, I like to discuss with the other player(s) about their likes and dislikes from their experience. Most of the time the game is set up by myself, occasionally I will get some help from one or more people, but majority I am setting up the game. This does not always ran true when putting away the game. One of my biggest complaints about a game I enjoy might not have anything to do with the game, the components, the mechanics or even the theme. One of my biggest complaints is the publisher choice to not make an insert, or make a non functional insert. It's terrible! Worst then terrible rules booklets. Worst then terribly cut cards. There are some amazing games that would've been higher on my list of favorite games if their insert was even remotely usable. This rant came to the forefront of my brain when playing a couple of Tasty Minstrel Games. Trying to put away Orleans is and will be a bear. I then thought about other titles of theirs that I currently own: Gold West and Eminent Domain. All 3 of these games lack a functional insert to hold all of their cards, wooden tokens, and plastic pieces. Instead they really solely on the use of plastic ziplock baggies; countless of them. Bags for days. I've often gone to my friendly local gaming store and pick up a couple of titles that intrigue me like, Aqua Sphere and Scoville. Both games that come with a lot of wooden bits. I've yet to purchase those games due to the lack of insert from my other 3 previous TMG purchases. As bad TMG is at giving us no storage solution, they are not alone in this frustrating task of set up and taking down their games and can be forgiven due to the nature of their use of Kickstarter. However, one monster company comes to mind. FFG! Fantasy Flight Games, one of the biggest american boarding gaming company. How dare you! I spent a ton of money on Star Wars: Imperial Assault, I should've know that Rebellion would be the same situation and it was. An empty box. Here are some baggies. Ugh! I own countless FFG games like, Fury of Dracula, Game of Thrones: the board game,Lord of the Rings the card game, XCOM, Star Wars, Kingsburg and Cosmic Encounter to name a few. All of them have a printed graphic folded graphic separator. It is not insert. Its a place to maybe divide your games and ton of baggies.

I know I am not the only one frustrated by these game inserts. Without the frustration there would not be companies that make game inserts like Inserthere, Go7gaming, Thinker Tinker Maker, Daedalus Productions, countless others and my favorite The Broken Token. If game companies from small to large took the time and a little bit money to make a functional insert, I myself would be willing to spend $5-10 per game if it meant that set up and tear down time would not be so drastic. Now you might be thinking I am being dramatic. You might be thinking I am crazy. Both of those might be true, but when this nerd already struggles to get longer games to the table due to time constrains, saving 5-15 minutes set up and taking down may be the difference in playing a game of Cosmic Encounter and not playing the game. I recently purchased The Broken Token insert for Cosmic and here is what the game looks like now with all components with all the expansion in one book and organizer.

Thank you Broken Token for saving my gaming experience. Thank you for allowing to have about 40 little baggies find their way to the recyclable bin. Thank you for taking a classic and hopefully making it easy to play once more. If you looking for affordable, amazing wooden inserts check out If they do not have the insert check one of the many other websites they probably will have something to meet your gaming needs.

My only hope with the monster that is Fantasy Flight Games is the merger with Asmodee/Days of Wonder to make Asmodee North America, bring fort functional inserts that you find from Days of Wonder and Asmodee. FFG learn from your parent companies classic with amazing inserts such as; Five Tribes, Ticket to Ride, Shadows Over Camelot and Small World. Asmodee please teach FFG the way of the insert. As much as I love my Broken Token insert I do not think I should have to spend extra cash to help get my games to the table, but in some cases it is necessary. My wallet hurts, from not just buying the game but inserts as well. To conclude I must remind you this rant was not sponsored by or solicited by The Broken Token or any of the other insert companies, this is solely the opinion of Cut the Deck, no one else. Don't forget to cut the deck.

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