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I normally hang out on the geek (boardgamegeek.com) quite a bit. I missed an article/forum post back in January/December. I've never heard of the 10x10 Challenge when it relates to board games. I've heard of the 10X10 challenge at In and Out. Don't attempt that ever! The idea behind the challenge is to pick 10 games and play them 10 times before the year is up. I love the idea of this challenge. However I am sitting here in front of my wall of games, in july no less, and I do not know what games to pick? I know what games I would love to play 10 times. I know which games really excite me to play that many times. I know that #1 game of all time in pandemic should probably not be on that list, due to my family being burnt out on Pandemic Legacy. There are some easy choices I could make, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Love Letter, and what I believe to be my wives favorite game, Splendor. I would surely be able to pick 10 games and play them 10 times if I used those 3 as a starting point. However, I'm thinking about going the opposite way with this challenge. Pick 10 new to me games and see if I can get them played. So no Ticket to Ride, King of Toyko or Cash 'N Guns. I'm thinking about making them all have a weight scaled curved up. I'm thinking about picking 10 games that I've purchased in the last year. Here are the games that meet that criteria:

Light weight games (Under 30 Mins)

1. For Sale

2. Diamonds

3. Animals on board

Medium weight games (30-90 mins)

4. Jamaica

5. Letter from Whitechapel

6. Anything Legendary

7. Power Grid

Heavy weight games (90+ mins)

8. Stronghold 2nd edition

9. Viticulture

10. Cosmic Encounter

Now let me justify these picks. Not all of these picks were released this year but they were all purchased by me this year aside from cosmic encounter (I'll explain my choice later).

1. For Sale was original published in 1997. I had never played or even seen the game. Trusting in some credible reviews online I was told that I was missing out. It's a great little auction like game. Quick to teach and takes all of 10 mins to play with a group of 4 or less. Seems worthy of a spot on the list.

2. Diamonds was published in 2014, it is a simple trick taking game with a twist. Love this little card game, so does my family, grandma included. See no reason why couldn't get that game played 10 times before Jan.

3. Animals on board is brand new. The game works like divide up the group or take the whole group. It's a little thinking on its strategy but seems quick enough and like able enough to play it 10 times. It's only problem is the player count at 4.

4. Jamaica is from 2007, seems like a lifetime ago. This pirate them racing game has the perfect player count of 6 for my family. Pirates, sailing, racing to the finish line seems like I could get it to the table 10 times.

5. Letters from Whitechapel came out in 2014 and its a great hidden movement game. The tension is so high in this 6 player game. Love the idea of playing this 10 times. This weekend we played it 3 times alone.

6. Anything Legendary. Okay here me out on this, marvel or encounters they are the same game, only difference is the helping out mechanic from encounters has not made its way to marvel. That might be changing because of Marvel's Civil War expansion. I am not sure though, I've tried to stay away from spoilers for this instant buy. However there are two other instant buys for legendary that are coming out this year. Firefly and Big Trouble in Little China. Instant buys. I will be playing legendary a lot. Already have a bunch of plays thanks to Captain America expansion from early this year.

7. Power grid from 2004, is a new game to myself. Player count of 6 and a ton of fun. At it's core its a simple auction game but its way more economic/area control then players would like to think. This game could be on the heavy list but we normally finish a game of 4-6 right about 90 mins.

8. Stronghold 2nd edition is my most recent purchase. I am excited to play this game 10 times, only problem is deciding who to play 10 times, because of all the little tiny rules I do not want to teach this game to 4 or 5 different players. This is my shot in the dark. We will see if I can get 10 plays.

9. Viticulture from Stonemaijer Games was kick started way back in 2013. I was not on the kick starter campaign but purchased the essential edition instead. Great worker placement style of game and should be a blast to play 10 times.

10. Cosmic Encounter from 1977 reprinted in 2008 is a game I've played once back when I was in Jr. High. After my recent purchase of all the expansions I want to try it over and over again with new alien races. It belongs on this list and will be a huge feat if I play it 10 times before the year is up.

My only chance at making 10x10 happen this year is if I get to gaming and pick these games, which seems tough to do but I want to accomplish this goal. Time to go cut the deck.


Update: 8/12

1. For sale - 4 Plays (won once)

2. Diamonds - 4 Plays (Tied once)

3. Animals on board - 4 Plays (won once)

4. Jamaica - 1 Play (Won)

5. Letters from Whitechapel - 1 Play (lost as Jack the Ripper)

6. Legendary - 4 plays (3-1)

7. Power Grid

8. Stronghold

9. Viticulture

10. Cosmic Encounter

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