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So Gen-con 2016 had a boat load of news, two weeks ago. I made in impulse purchase to keep my mind off the fact that I was not attending the huge gaming juggernaut. That purchase was Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition. I will be writing about that game in the next couple of days after I teach and play it with other people. Thanks to the unpainted minis I was not sitting by my computer all week during Gen Con to read about the new games, the announced games and the games I can not own for at least 1-2 months. So this new blog is about some of the news/new games that were announced at the con, that made me go "say what?."

Let's just jump right in:

Fantasy Flight Games: Man the list is so huge with FFG is doing. #1 most excited thing to "say what?" about was the two Game of Thrones games! IRON THRONE! It's a rethinking of Cosmic Encounter set in the HBO Game of Thrones universe! WOW. Someone who loves Cosmic Encounter and don't get me wrong the generic Sci-fi is fun but this will be better. Might be a future top ten game for me thanks to the theme and characters! Looks amazing!

The 2nd Game of Thrones game is called Hand of the King. $13 MSRP game. The art seems great, cartoon version, and has similar mechanics as Guillotine the classic card game. Looks awesome!

Along with the Game of Thrones, they announced an expansion for Letters for Whitechapel. Seems interesting. It's called Dear Boss. Comes with miniatures no more generic pawns for FFG ever!

There was a boat load of news on the Stars Wars front of the games but what would have made a say what factor was if they said Star Wars: Rebellion was getting an expansion for episode 7 characters. Missed the boat on that one FFG. XCom expansion is nice also.

FFG wasn't the only one to announce some stuff that I cared to get my hands on.


Eric Lang is amazing. His games are all loved by so many including me. Not surprised that he announced a new CMON game similar to the ever popular and great game Blood Rage! It's set in Japan called Rising Sun! MINIS look amazing. Not a lot known here.

Those are my Say What? announcements with specific games! However the designer of the #1 game on thegeek, is starting a game company. It's called Restoration Games, a company that is gonna go back in time and grab games, modernize them and release them. Rob Daviau and a buddy of Tom Vasel are the leads in this project. Taking games from the 60's-90's and bring some games back to life. I'm with Vasel when I say, "Fireball Island, please." Interesting project that I will keep an eye on.

Now to the need to own list that were limitedly releases at the con.

1. Cry Havoc

Make no doubt about it, I spend time on YouTube. I spend time watching reviews, how to play and general discussions of about games. Those who played it before Gen Con had me excited to purchase this game. I love idea of this game. Little bit of deck building, a lot of area control! Oh yeah miniatures for pieces plus its from Portal games. Check out watchitplay YouTube channel if you want to see the game and how it's played.

2. Last Friday

Hidden movement game. 1 versus all model, very similar to Letters From Whitechapel. As I have had ideas of a good hidden movement game that haven't been flushed out, I'm intrigued. Mostly because the game changes from the 1 trying to hunt the others to the next round they are trying to find him. Seems interesting, plus it has an 1980's summer camp looking board and cards. Love it!

3. Captain Sonar

Team versus Team hidden movement, real-time strategy battleship game. Everything I've read is the game plays the best at 4v4 game. 4 players on each team will not be a problem for me to find. You are commanding a submarine as either the captain, engineer, weapons specialist or sonar operator. Each person has a different job. The captain is in charge of movement, the engineer breaks stuff, weapons guy is making sure the weapons are ready to fire when the sonar guy finds them. Seems like a great team building exercise for communication. Want to try this out so badly!

4. Bloodborne Card Game

Love the world, of Bloodborne via PS4 game. This is a push your luck style of game, think of a heavier version of Incan Gold. Plus the art looks amazing! Designed by Eric Lang!

5. Pandemic Cthulhu

I was hesitate to put this game on the list but after the love it has gotten via, YouTube, podcast varyies articles plus it's pandemic! Seems like a no brainer.

Here is my games that I am meh about.

1. Seafall - I've read a bunch about this game without a lot of spoilers, I've been told that it's a euro legacy game. It was hard enough to finish pandemic legacy and risk legacy back in the day, can't imagine an ever changing euro game.

2. Mystic Vale - Clear cards cool. Put cards in the sleeves is your action to win the game. What? generic fantasy. meh.

3. Scythe - It's only on this list is because I purchased my copy from my Local gaming store already on July 30th. I enjoy the game and will be talking about it more however I will say I am shocked at how much people on thegeek love this game. #21 already. Something tells me the pandemic legacy will not stay #1 for long. Between scythe and star wars rebellion(#11). You can't talk about Gen Con releases without mentioning this game. It has been #1 on the hotness now for a month. I share more thoughts later.

These are my "say what?" moments/games from Gen Con 2016 that I did not attend. I am gonna try to schedule 2017 around Gen Con. Anyone else want to come?

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