50 Games not in my Top 100

I was spending sometime thinking about amazing games that I haven't played. I went on board game geek's overall rankings and compared it to my favorite list. I realized I have a huge gap in my games library as it continues to grow, but also simply put there are some great games that I haven't played yet. So here are some games that you won't find on my top 100 and the reasons why its on the list.

1. Twilight struggle - Two player epic game. The theme seems great, however I am planning on playing this game on my IPAD not physical copy.

2. Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization - I enjoy civilization games on computer. I am intrigued but not ready to spend money to buy the game.

3. Terra Mystica - Euro style of game. Meh. Different factions seems better but not seeking to play this classic.

4. Caverna - Cave version of Argicola. No one owns and its $100 msrp for a euro game.

5. Castles of Burgundy - I like Feld, but this boring looking game has no flash. I'll play but I will not buy.

6. Mage Knight - I hear this game is a combination of things that I like, however I do not care for more generic fantasy games.

7. War of the Ring - I WANT THIS GAME! It's getting a reprint/new addition soon. I am not paying a Boat load for this game!

8. Eclipse - I hear its like Twilight Imperium 3 but more euro. I rather try TI3.

9. Andriod: Netrunner - Ah Sci-Fi LCG from FFG. Man I already give them too much money on other IP LCG - Like Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

10. Robinson Cursoe - Interested in this game. I can not find a cheap copy of it currently. I hope that changes.

11. Brass - It's always on sale on Coolstuff. When its always on sale it means the game is normally no good. I'll pass.

12. Le Havre - I've almost purchased this game a couple of times. something else has taken its place every time.

13. Tzolkin - Hadn't heard of this until the last couple of weeks. Seems interesting enough.

14. Keyflower - Another work placement game that I have almost bought a couple times. Probably will be longer thanks to Carson City showing up.

15. Caylus - The art and cubes do not make me want to play this game that is for sure.

16. Eldritch Horror - You can put Arkham Horror in this spot as well. I would love to try this game. I am concerned of purchasing due to my collectors mentality and there is a ton of expansions. Worried that 2nd edition is coming soon for both of these games.

17. Dominant Species - Heavy euro game, seems interesting but I do not think anyone would play it with me.

18. TI3 - I would love to play! I need a group with someone who owns the game!

19. Dominion - Basic boring deck builder that when it first came out would have been in my top 100 list but now there are so many other games that are better than Dominion.

20. El Grande - It was incredibly hard to find until the big box just released this last year. I haven't spent the money because I am not sure if it's a game my family would play or not.

21. Concordia - I see this game all the time in my FLGS however the art makes me put the game down quickly.

22. Food Chain Magnate - Hard to find, Cost a lot and seems kinda bland but the strategy intrigues me.

23. Tigris and Euphrates - Any older game that recently got reprinted however everything I've read said it doesn't hold up to today's standards. Reviews are bringing it down.

24. Trajan - Hand management. BOO!

25. Russian railroads - Frankly the train theme is why I haven't played it. Ticket to ride and even the deck building Trains there is just no room for this theme. I'd try it only for the worker placement.

26. Fields of Arle - Uwe Rosenburg this game must be out of print. Never even seen it.

27. Descent - Imperial Assault is descent just with Star Wars theme. I love it! I would play descent but I am not going to buy it.

28. Sherlock consulting detective - Sounds interesting. I'd play it. I am putting this on my wish list.

29. Troyes - Seems similar to Kingsburg, which I love. Too similar though.

30. Nations - This game now has a dice version I'd much rather play that game but I'd rather play something else.

31. Alchemist - App based game. I currently looking to purchase a copy of this game.

32. Command and Colors: Ancients - Seems great but I own a boat load of Memoir '44 based on the same system.

33. Kemet - Egyptian themed area control. Everything I've been told, this game is getting beaten by Blood Rage.

34. Railways of the World - see Russian Railroads.

35. Paths of Glory - GMT LONG GAME! NEVER

36. Arcadia Quest - Dungeon crawl with Chibis. I am not a fan of Chibis.

37. Mage Wars Arena - Grid movement makes me crazy. Meh.

38. Chaos in the Old World - FFG Eric Lang design. However it is similar to Blood Rage from what I have read.

39. Steam - Martin Wallace train game. UGH again.

40. Goa - Eco game that doesn't look as pretty as power grid. Sorry not interested.

41. Age of Steam - WOW trains! seriously why trains?

42. Mombosa - Mixed reviews, so I will pass.

43. Princess of Florence - Out of print.

44. La Granja - Heard good things, I would try it out.

45. Lewis & Clark - I want to try this game once but I do not know anyone who owns it or would try it out.

46. Shogun - Hard to find. Cost to much money. Would love to try to play.

47. Summoner Wars - Generic fantasy card game. Come on man.

48. Istanbul - Interesting looking but I do not think I want to own.

49. Tichu - Hand management classic. I would probably try this game but would not own. I do like betting though.

50. Village - Well considering My Village just released I would rather try that even though it tends to be a little bit more morbid theme.

There are countless other games. What is interesting is I haven't play most of these games. Board game Geek top 100 I've played over half of them, that makes me feel like I have accomplished something but really haven't even scratch the surface. Anyone else have some gaming gaps that I haven'

t played that they need to get to the table?

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