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A couple of weeks leading up to Gen Con, FFG announced a 2nd edition to Mansions of Madness. Mansions of Madness is one versus all. Team of investigator versus mythos controlled monsters. I do not own 1st edition of the game but I spent 2 hours playing the game a couple of years back but the mythos set up of the map and items deck was messed up and ruined our 2 hours of playing Mansions. Well 2nd edition fixed that issue. It removes the 1 versus all. A free app from IOS or Googleplay store now operates the mythos monsters. This game is no longer semi co op, but strictly co op. Man vs App. After reading one article about the game I pulled the trigger at my FLGS in order to keep my mind off of Gen Con as it was released at the start of Gen Con release. As soon as I got the box home I opened it assembled all the pieces. Pouncing out the cardboard does not take long for me when its a game I can't wait to get to the miniatures. Found the baggie full of miniature investigator and was impressed with some of the character's details. Next bag was the monster bag. Oh man, comes with two huge Cthulhu monster. All of the models of the monster are actually taking from the FFG Arkham monster pack. No surprised that on certain models the detail is lacking, I'm looking at your deep ones. However most of the miniatures are great in this game. I decided to play one solo game, the first app mission of course. The game grabbed me. It's table presence was great. The story was amazing, the lack of not knowing what was on the map, the in app puzzles and its constant horror checks during the mythos phase. Simply put this game really wants me to play with more people. I want to share this experience. I decided to spend a weekend painting all the monsters and characters. Upon finishing my minatures painting, I knew that this game was a tough sell for my wife but it shouldn't be. I decided to be sneaky about my approach in asking her to play with me. So I took one of her favorite games T.I.M.E. Stories and ask her questions about a playing a new game. I asked, "would you play a game that is co op?" Knowing full well that she likes pandemic, hanabi, & legendary. I asked "would you play a game that's Co op, has puzzles and tells a story and feels very role-player-like-T.I.M.E. stories?" She said "yes but I feel like this is a trap to play that game you are painting." She caught on. I will say she's never played mansions yet. However I do wish that she would play. Currently my mansions of Madness play included 5 solo plays and one play with a random stranger on Table Top Simulator via PC. Know that I do not care for Solo game play a lot however in this situation it feels more like a video game when played solo. I long for a saturday 4-6 sessions like describe to me on the 3rd mission which I have no attempted however I need someone to commit to spending the time to play the game from start to finish or set the game up in the garage and pray the app saves our progress. The shorter missions are amazing though! I think this game will shine with a group who wants to commit to learn and play the game over and over. I currently am scoring mansion a solid 8.75 out of 10. However, if I play with more people and they enjoy it it could climb even higher. Thank you FFG, for making a great game. Here is a list of the things that I love and hate from the game.


- Characters and their powers.

- The app

- The game set up time

- Damage and sainity system

- When someone goes insane, they have their own win condition.


- Some of the models are cheap and junky.

- I am terrible at rolling!

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