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The other day I was watching a movie and thought about how board games have gaps in marketable intellectual properties (also known as IP) that do not have great games. I quickly thought of 15 IP's that are not represented in currently board game market. I thought I would post a list of the top 10 with a couple honorable mentions and maybe a quick pitch of what type of game it should be. Let's start with honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

Shrek - One of the biggest family franchise that does not have a great game. Could be a fun family style game where each player picks a storybook character depicted in the movie and tries to impress Shrek and Fiona in order to live on the swamp. This idea is not flushed out at all.

Planet of the Apes - Huge franchise that seems to be coming back thanks to the latest movie in 2014. The game could feature competitors fending off the Apes. Maybe a Tower defense style of game.

#10 King Kong/Godzilla - I feel like both monsters are similar in nature. I know King of Toyko and Terror in Meeple City exist. However both Kong and Godzilla are lacking in direct IP correlation. It could be a two player game Monster versus Human or a better idea is who can effectively defeat the monster better than the other person. It would be fun either way.

#9 Scooby Doo - Scooby Doo is a great classic ip needing a great game because the mystery aspect of the show. I know that every episode they foiled the old man's plan however clues and storytelling could be the selling point of a great Scooby Doo game.

#8 Die Hard - Arguable the best Christmas movie of all time. It needs a great game, maybe a miniature tactical game. Hans Gruber versus John McClane and adding hostages and some diplomacy seems like there is some great potential.

#7 Matrix - The sci-fi franchise could have a great game in which people the characters are fighting two fronts one against the machine and another inside the matrix. Could be similar to the idea of T.I.M.E. Stories of entering into the pod or avatar.

#6 The Departed - Now I know it's not a franchise; however an adult themed game that involve gangsters and cops. Could have a bang mechanic of known identity of a couple of players like Mob boss and Police Chief. However say other players are cops that could be bought to help the mob boss or mob members that are actual snitches. Social deduction seems to be the best fit for this theme.

#5 Transformers - Seems weird in the recent trend of Transformers movies that no one has tried to make a board game. Fighting robots that try to destroy the world. Interesting enough that Upper Deck hasn't tried to make Legendary Transformers.

#4 Terminator - Another untapped sci-fi theme. Save Sarah Connor type of game would be amazing. A simple card game would not do the theme justice but a little more in depth thoughtful game.

#3 James Bond - Bond, James Bond. What? There is not a great bond game, seems silly that nothing has delivered on the classic British spy game. It's tough because James Bond gets a lot of awesomeness from this "Mojo" but I could see this game developing into stopping Dr. No type of game with actions and cards.

#2 - Indiana Jones - I know that they have tried. The Dianna Jones award has a piece of burnt Indiana Jones RPG as its focal point. However the adventure for artifacts in games like Incan Gold, and even Artifacts Inc. did not give me the sense of Indiana Jones due to its lack in characters. Someone needs to develop a huge scale, get the treasure game. Cough Cough Fantasy Flight Cough. Even a simple dudes on the map style would be amazing as long as I get to say, "snakes, I hate snakes."

#1 - Jurassic Park - Only the biggest movie of 2015 summer. I think a worker placement style of game would be an interesting choice to maintain control of the dinos. Another idea would be very zoo tycoon feel of building the park and seeing if it can contain I-Rex and his pals in order to make the most money before it escapes and eats everyone. I like this idea a lot. I am gonna sit down and see if these game could be flushed out further.

What do you think? Are there any other IP's that need a great game?

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