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I have currently backed 5 board gaming products on You need to know that before I even discuss kickstarter projects. I am not a huge kickstarter. There is definitely a reason why I don't. As seen with my last backed project, I'm looking at you IDW games. For bigger companies it acts a pre-order system for some companies like, Tasty Minstrel Games & Cmon. Other companies it puts them on the map either in positive or negative light. My reason for hating on kickstarter is the length of time to make project happen. My first backed project was a little card game from Boardgamegeek. It cost $10 no big deal. I got the game and I've never played it because it took 8 months for the game to show up. It's not to say the quality of games are not lacking but I do want to take a look at my top 10 kickstarted games, because there have been many great gems that are highly received that were backed on KS. However know this, I did not back any of these 10 games.

10. Alien Frontiers - Dice worker placement. You can not talk kickstarter board games with out the godfather of success. Now here are the numbers for this backed project. 228 backers that raised $14,885 in 2010. Under $15K compared to Scythe wow; insane. Its a great game but shows its age and has been surpassed by a couple of games.

9. Secret Hilter - Social deduction game set an interesting universe. Only played a couple of times. I would like to play more to catch more of the strategy.

8. Zombiecide - There are countless version of this game. But the version that I've played is Black Plague. Great setting for a zombie game, medieval era. Great miniatures, I'd love to play the full campaign of this game.

7. Rum and Bones - Pirates meets the MOBA games of the likes of League of Legends. I've played this game twice and its on my list to buy then they announced Rum and Bones 2. So I am patiently waiting for the second game to play this more often.

6. Arcadia Quest - Chibis meets dungeon like crawl. The characters and the amazing miniatures highlight a great game mechanic that would set itself up for tons of expansions. TONS!

5. Xenoshyft - Deck building, Co-op with a Sci-Fi bugs attacking the base. Sold. What is not to love? Oh the game is incredibly hard. Incredibly. Out of the 10 plus tries I have only one twice. Insanely hard and easy to learn and a blast even when you lose.

4. Star Realms - Space deck builder with head to head combat. It's simply, beautiful art and a great overall game. Tons of expansion also, looking forward to the Hero Realms the generic fantasy theme. I still the best re-theming of a game like this would be WWE.

3. Scythe - Boy has kickstarter changed. 6 years after Alien Frontiers success of $15,000. Scythe goes and fetches 17K backers for a grand total of $1.8 million. That's insane. The game is rocketing up the BGG charts. The entire month of August it was spent on the #1 hotness rating. The game is a blend of some many different games, area control meets euro meets card combat meets worker placement. I know that I love the game. I do not know how much I love it yet. A full review incoming.

2. Viticulture - Another Stonemaier game. I love worker placement and my wife loves wine. Our family loves wine. Great theme, great game and if only it was that easy to turn grapes into wine and make money. Do not play with some of the Tuscany expansions.

1. Blood rage - Eric Lang does it again. He teamed with CMON to make an instant classic. My second favorite game from last year was blood rage. You play as a tribe of vikings ready for Ragnarok however you are trying to control areas in the map for points. This is a game I will always want to play. I love the miniatures, the art and card drafting. So much fun! I did not back this game however when it hit the shelves last October I instantly bought it from my local game store. I know its is popular choice because the owner tells me every time he gets a copy it goes away in a week or so.

I look forward to some of the great and not so great games that Kick starter brings us. What kick started game is your favorite?

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