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November 23rd, 2013 is date I will NOT forget. I date that no matter how busy I am I will remember. It's my wedding date. A glorious day but this is not about weddings. It's about playing games of all types with my wife. Now I've only been married 3 and half years but I can tell you one that I know for sure. Is that I will never be able to KNOW what my wife is thinking. This applies in all areas of life, their are certain times I might be correct but more often then not I am flat out wrong. Most of my wrongs have to do with playing the many games that I force upon her. I know I know I am terrible husband. In my defense, remember I do not know what she is thinking, nor should I try to guess when it comes to table top games. I twisted her arm one lazy morning and had her sit down in front of our collection and tell me which games she will never play (sometimes again) here is her list:

I added the numbers 10 maybe get her to play and 1 being "no way jose, never gonna play."

10. Mice and Mystics - "that looks stupid..." I even explained her the style of game after wards and she said never still. It's her opinion. Dungeon crawl style of game, that world in seen through the small eyes of your mouse characters fighting, rats, spiders, and other various bugs. I've yet to play but I purchased this game because it is hard to find and I will be forcing my future children to play. (I am terrible)

9. Elysium - "greek mythology is lame..." I tend to agree with her on this one. It's a game I am not sure I am gonna keep. I don't mind the theme but the game makes you read every card and even though there are a lot of bad card games with terrible Icons, I feel like the the graphic design of the icons is confusing.

8. Mansions of Madness - "I don't do creepy crawly..." This one is painful. My wife does not like horror themed anything. Doesn't do spooky, doesn't do horror sci-fi. However this game is amazing. Not to mention I spent a whole week of Gen-Con painting it. All of her winter break painting the expansions. I even made her paint some of the human characters. This game plays more like a Role Player with the Ipad/app being the DM. I love it. Check it out.

7. Eldritch Horror - "why do you own so many creepy games..." My wife won't touch this game for the same reason as Mansions of Madness. What is sad about this game is the game play is a little bit more Pandemic/Defenders of the Last Standish. She loves Co-op style of games but not this one. Even the story telling elements will fall flat on their face for her. It's saving grace that makes me think one day she will play this game happens to be the lack of miniatures (she thinks they are stupid).

6. Doom - "seriously Josh, why so many...." It has miniatures, you roll and shoot bad guys. One person plays the bad guy. This game will never be played with my wife. I love it, it has a little deck building element to it, and it seems balanced, even though I've only played it twice.

5. Cry Havoc - "why do you own a game called, 'Cry Havoc?'" It's a valid question. I do not know why the game is called that at all but knows that she won't like thanks to the box art and the name. Miniature area control game that has deck building. The only thing she likes out of those three is deck building and guess what this one is totally light on that style. This is an Aameri-thrash style of game at its core. I like it quite a bit, she won't play it.

4. Arcadia quest - "Why are their eyes so big? Is this an anime game?" Sort of an anime game. It's a Chibi's miniature game. I love this game, you assemble your team of 3 characters and start on the opposite side of a map from your opponent with monster, objectives and loot to pick up, not mention punch your opponent in the face. Even just typing those words I can pick my wife shaking her head.

3. Kemet - "Why do you want control that area over this one..." I think this amazing but I know why my wife will never play it. The only area control game she liks is Mission: Red PLanet because its more of a "take that" game then area control in her mind. It is not really a style of game she likes. You put Blood Rage, Inis, and even Rising Sun in this spot I would imagine.

2. Battlelore - "This game is stupid...Is it over yet?..." - I will never get her to play this game again. Memoir '44 maybe, she minored and history and her Late grandfather serve in WWII. Take Memoir and Command and Color system and stick it on top of fantasy creatures, never again. Even if you put the fantasy creature from her favorite books, tv or movies she will never play Battlelore again.

Too bad, I probably won't either. It's on my trade list.

1. Star Wars - "Why ruin a good thing..." WHAT?!?!? The Star Wars world is loved by my wife. We even own matching shirts that read. "I love you..." "I know" We wear them every time at Disneyland. However she doesn't and will not play anything Star Wars. Why ruin what is absolutely perfect in her mind, Episodes 4-6. I kinda get it however with the vast amount of Star Wars games out and more to come I am sure, she just has no interest in Imperial Assault, Rebellion, Destiny, X-wing or LCG. That's too bad for me, guess it mean I need to find another person to explore those games with, hope my brother is available for 4 hours to play some Rebellion.

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