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Here is a list of my 100 favorite games as of June 2016


Pandemic - Matt Leacock - Z-man games

Co-op Classic with the objective is to stop the spread of disease throughout the map while racing against time.  Whether its the original, dice version or the newest episode of legacy style of game. I will always play when invited.


Legandary - Devin Low - Upper Deck Games

Semi Co-Op Deck builder.  I enjoy comics so Marvel is my choice howeever I do own and love Alien and Predator.


Stone Age - Michael Tummelhofer - Z-man Games

Euro worker placement.  Plus you get to roll dice. Not to mention all the wooden bits.


Ticket to ride - Alan R. Moon - Days of Wonder

The game that started the hobby for me.  Back in 2005 I purchased ticket to ride at target.  Recently purchased the 10th anniversary edition. Gorgeous!


Power Grid - Friedman Friese - Rio Grand Games

Classic Euro Acution game, where you are setting up power plants on either North America or Europe.  I purchased the deluxe version.  No paper money for me.


7 Wonders Duel - Bauza/Cathala - Repos Production

2 player card drafting game with an excelllent theme.  I would say that 7 wonders base game might be better however I do not play it enough compared to the two player version.


Roll for the Galaxy

Dice allocation, and system building.  I mean who doesn't love chucking a cup full of 12-20 custom dice.  Sci- Fi Exploration themed


Cash n Guns - Maublanc - Repos Production

My number one party game.  Pointing foam guns and bluffing them out of hte loot sharing is the focus of this game full of noise and laughter.


King of Toyko - Richard Garfield - Iello Games

Yatzee style dice, smash them up.


The Resistance - Don Eskridge - Indie Cards and Games

Social deduction with spy/traitor mechanic.  Most play and argumentive game that I own of this type of game.


The Game of Thrones card game - Eric Lang - FFG

1v1 card game most similar to magic, however there are 3 different types of attacking.  Military, Intrigue and Power making this very thematic.


Five Tribes - Bruno Cathala - Days of Wonder

Very thinky, mancala mechnic with a little bit of auction.  The expansion for this game is a must, making it 6 tribes not 5.


Blood Rage - Eric Lang - Cool Mini or Not

Area control card drafting game setting in a wiking theme.  Amazing mini's that I am still  slowly painting.


Formula D - Lavaur/Randall - Asmodee

Racing game that use dice to determine your distance traveled.  6 different sided dice along with the in your face nature of racing makes for great times.


Raptor - Cathala/Faidutti - Matagot

Quick 1v1game, where one side is the raptors the other side is the dinosaurs try to escape.  The action selection is played on card play and bluffing.


Survive - Julian Courtland-Smith - Strong Hold Games

A cut throat medium sized game, where you are trying to move your meeples off a sinking island and not getting eaten by sharks, sea creatures.I have very fond memories of this game from my childhood, happy to see a great reprint.


A Game of Thrones - Christian T Peterson - FFG

Epic long game, that takes risk and puts on the back burner.  A lot of betrayal and frustation makes for amazing game. Winter is coming.


Viticulture - Stiegmaier/Stone - Stonemaier Games

Worker placement, with creating wine theme, means my family loves this game.  I do too, for the many choice you have on your turn and every chose can slow down your point making process if not handled with care.


T.I.M.E. Stories - Manuel Rozoy - Space Cowboys

Wow! Great game and might be higher on the list now thanks for the amazing expansions, my favorite beeing prophecy of dragons.  Check out my review             .


Takenoko - Antoine Bauza

Great medium weight family game.  Tile placement and 3d Bamboo, plus great little Panda and gardener Miniatures.


Smash Up! - Paul Peterson - AEG Games

Great blend. Take two things and smash them together.  Sharks and superheroes or Princesses and aliens.  Tons of expansions quick and easy to learn and play.


Imperial Settlers - Ignacy Trzewiczek - Portal Games

Drafting card game, with a little bit of resource management.  Amazing card art and four fun factions.


Memoir '44 - Richard Borg - Days of Wonder

Great 1 hour WWII battle game.  Awesome customizeable and scenario map, make a ton of replayablity.  Simple to teach, but takes forever to be great at the game.  Check out my thoughts          .


Eminent Domain - Seth Jaffe - Tasty Ministrel Games

Sci-fi action selection deck builder.  It might be higher on this list if the ships actually do soemthing in the game, but they are really just a counter for how much attack you've stored up.  Plus TMG stinks at inserts.


Dead of Winter - Gilmour/Vega - Plaid Hat Games

Zombie themed traitor Co-Op game. Very themetic for a zombiee style plus you have so many characters to choose from and many decisions thanks to the crossroad cards.


Carcassonne - Klaus Jurgen Wrede - Z-Man Games

The original tile laying Euro game.  Building the map via tile laying wasa revolutionary game design that contiunes to be echoed by many other games.  Has many amazing expansions.  


Suishi Go - Phil Walker-Harding - Gamewright

Great light weight card drafting game.  Deep in stategy but high in luck, family loves this game.


Jaipur - Sebastian Pauchon - Asmodee

Great two player card game.  Lots of choices in this set collection game.  Always strive be the king of the camels.


Star Wars Imperial Assault - GROUP of people - FFG

Star wars theme dungeon crawl.  Great miniatures and great story telling star wars game.  Talk about expansions gees.  Don't really play the two player skirmish game but I probably would enjoy that as well


XCOM: The board game - Eric Lang - FFG

Co-op survival style of game.  Man versus machine.  Inovaite idea of using an app to be the bad guy and add to the random and replayabilty.  Look for a further review coming up soon.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Alspach/Okui  - Bezier G

App based short verion of werewolf.  I have all 3 expansions and I love each character and how they change the strategy of the game.   My youth group loves to play this gam; and I love lying to win. 


Splendor - Marc Andre - Space Cowboys

I love the components of the heavy poker style chips, but the kicker is the game play.  You are trying to collect sets of gems in order to purchase cards, which have perment gems; very engine building.  


Trains -  Hisashi Hayashi - AEG Games

Deck builder with a board.  Takes everything from Dominion which is not on my list or in my collection, and turns it on its head with area control. You must decide build your deck early or take control of the map early.


Citadels - Bruno Faidutti - FFG

Interesting role selection, set collection game.  Has quite of few cut throat moments but considering they are blind moments it is not taken personally.


Specter Ops - Emerson Matsuuchi - Plaid Hat Games

4v1 hunting hidden movement game.  Great map, great character powers and even better minatures and art.  I'll be the secret any day and goodluck finding me.


Champions of Midgard - Ole Steiness - Grey Fox Games

Dice worker placement, vikiing themed.  Think Lords of waterdeep but better.  It literally replaced the D&D themed classic.


Incan Gold -Faidutti/Moon - Eagle-Gryphon Games

Push your luck style of game.  You decided to stay and not get zonked or you decide to chicken out and miss out on your share of the loot.


Camel (C)up - Steffen Boggen - Z-man Games

Camel betting game, that stacks up to other racing style games.  However you do not control one camel but you maybe randomly control the camel you didn't mean to get out ahead of everyone.  


Star Wars: Rebellion - Group of People - FFG

Star wars in a box. Best as a 2 player game.  The rebels pick wher eto hide their rebel base.  Imperrial are racing to expand their empire to find the base and crush it. Long epic game that has many different characters full of Episode 4-6 characters currently.


Orleans - Reiner Stockhausen - Tasty Minstrel Game

Bag building game with Euro feel and theme.  This game would be played a lot more if TMG had a functional insert.  Love the art, the mechanics and bag building.


Gold West - J. Alex Kevern  - Tasty Ministrel Game

Western theme mancala, resource management, & area control game. Seriously a lot of fun and would be played more but it's from TMG so it's lacking an inser, so set up and take down of the pretty wooden bits is annoying.


New York 1901 - Chenier La Salle - Blue Orange Games

IBlue Orange first board game that I've loved.  Seems so familar to ticket to ride and its a good thing.  My only complaint is that my family normally has more than 4 people looking for something to play otherwise we would play this more.


Small World - Philippe Keyaertes - Days of Wonder

Really great fantasy area control game with varying powers.  You might flying elves, or flying orcs.  The varations make for a great game and strategy.  Also there is an awesome app on steam and IOS. a paragraph.


Puerto Rico - Andreas Seyfarth - Rio Grand Games

A classic Euro action selection game.  Tons of great wooden bits and deep with strategy.  One of the first games were if my opinion choose an action I get to take the action as well, I enjoyed it quite a bit.


Among the Stars - Vangelis Bagiartakis - Strong Hold

Sci-Fi space station building, card drafting game.  I think this game is better than the original 7 Wonders due to theme and set collection focus. Awesome art, great components but terrible insert for card game.  I purchased a broken token insert for this game.


Mission: Red Planet -Cathala/Faidutti - FFG

Amazing sci-fi area control game, the area being Mars.  Simultaneous card play that drives when you take your turn and what fun cutthroat action you will take.


Love Letter - Batman - Seiji Kanai - AEG Games

I've probably more hands of this game then any other.  It's simple and can be taught in 3 mins.  Hidden roles in this game are fun but have frustrating moments when your luck runs out.  Only thing I do not like is player elimination can happen early in the hand.


Lanterns - Christopher Chung - Foxtrot Games

Great tile laying game where every player is recieving a card everytime someone plays. Not the best production of a tile laying however great game play for set collection tile laying game.


Machi Koro - Masao Suganuma - IDW Games

Picture Settlers of Catan as a deck builder.  Very interesting quick game, that has great expansions.  


Baseball Highlights - Fitzgerald - Eagle-Gyphon Games

Deck building card selection baseball theme game taking place in 2045 when robots and cyborgs play baseball.  Great theme, great mechanics and have some really great expansions.


Risk: Star Wars edition - Group of people - Hasbro

Amazing 30 minute game, that uses card play to dictate your actions.  You are fighting on three fronts, like the ending of return of the jedi.  Battle on endor, in space around the death star and dueling skywalkers on the death star.  The rebels must first destroy the shield generator on endor, then the death star to win.  While the Empire wins if they kill the rebel fleet in space.  The skywalker rewards the winner with more actions following that turn.


Codenames -Vlaada Chvatil - Czech Games

Great party game.  Plays best in a larger group of 8 or more.  Two team word game, where the clue giver needs their team to get the correct words by using one word and a number. Its the most rewarding feeling as a clue giver when you team gets upwards of 3 words correct on a turn.


Diamonds - Michael Fitzgerald - Strong Hold games

A special trick taking game that let's you take an action when you break suit.  It plays up to 6 players which means it gets a lot of playing time with my family.  The theme of having a vault, where no one knows and no one can steal diamonds from you make it a cutthroat game at times.


Star Realms - Dougherty/Kastle - White Wizard Games

2 player deck build set in space.  This game is quick and fun and full of great combos.  My only complaint is life tracker via cards, "come on man."


The Grizled - Riffaud/Rodriguez - Cool Mini or Not

Very tough Co-Op game set in World War 1.  Gorgeous art for a depressing game. Each player plays a card that contains icons and if your team plays three of the same icon you in trouble.  The trick to this game is no talking and the despair cards that actaully say you may not talk.  


Bonanza - Uwe Rosenburg - Rio Grande Games

Classic set colelction negoiation game. The theme of growing beans is weird however many nights have been argued over the red bean.


Shadows of Camelot - Cathala/Laget - Days of Wonder

Godfather of Co-op with a hidden traitor mechanic.  You are either Arthur or one of hi knights of the round table and you trying to stop the progression of evil.  Great theme, lousy board layout but decent minatures.


For Sale - Stefan Dorra - Eagle-Gryphon Games

Little weight auction game with different properties holding different value.  Super simple, Super great.


Hero Quest - Stephen Baker - Milton Bradley

Stephen Baker's classic is why I have this blog/site.  This game grab my imagination at early age.  Check out my thoughts on this fantasy dungeon crawl          .


Hanabi - Antoine Bauza - R & R Games

Co-op card game that pits you versus a high score.  In the game you are trying to play in sequencial order of colorss to try to get 25 points without seeing your hand but only the two word clues to what card you currently hold in your hand.


Star Wars: The Card Game - Eric Lang - FFG

What's not to love?! 2 player head to head card game.  Classic star wars characters that all have very unique ways to play them.  Even the empire to the rebels are very different styles of decks.  


Elysium - Dunstan/Gilbert - Space Cowboys

Interesting deck builder style of game.  However instead of weak starting cards you are given 4 different colors of totems to purchase a different card on each turn.


Steam Punk Rally - Orin Bishop - Roxley Games

If you mix card drafting, racing and chucking dice, that is steam punk rally.  You play as a famous inventor who is entered into a race with a contraption you are building as the race goes on. 


Flick 'em Up - Beaujannot/Monpertuis - Pretzel Games

Western flicking game.  Great theme to flick little disc aka bullets at people.  If I was better at flicking bullets this could be higher on the list.


Dix it - Jean-Lious Roubira - Asmodee

Small party style of game.  Using these beautifully crafter cards you come up with a word to describe your card.  Your opponents try to play a card similiarly then people make a guess as to what the correct card looks like.


Bottom of the 9th - Louder/Mullins - Dice Hate Me Game

Baseball theme action selection game with some dice rolling if you make contact with the ball via card play.  Great game but neeed to spend some more playing that game.


Lord of the Rings:The Card Game - Nate French - FFG

Co-op Lord of the Rings themed card game, that I have only scratch the surface of due to the ammount of expansions released.  A lot of funa dn full of great character and building your own custom decks.


Kingsburg - Chairvessco/Lennaco - FFG

Classic dice worker placement game.  Really enjoy just needs to play more often to get a better feel for the game.


Castle Panic - Justin De Witt -Firesid Games

Fun family Co-op game.  No real alpha player, but does take some great commuincation to win.


Suburbia - Ted Alspach - Bezier Games

Classic city builder game.  Would be higher on the list if I counted IOS plays.  Ton of fun but you must manage your money correctly.


Gravwell - Corey Young - Cryptozoic Entertainment

Abstract racing game where you are trying to escape a worm hole in space. You play cards to determine play order and movement amount.  You never knew if you are going to move forward or backwards depending on what your opponent plays.  


Mice and Mystics - Jerry Hawthrone - Plaid Hat Games

Picture Heroquest but in the world of mice.  It's a dungeon crawl with no dungeon master set in an awesome world where you are nice mice fighting roaches, spiders and centipede to save the princess.


Automobiles - David Short - AEG Games

Bag building racing game.  Dominion meets Formula D with cubes/bags not cards.  Awesome fun need to play it more.


1st and Goal - Stephen Glenn - R & R Games

Football! Cards and Dice and a magnet football game.  A lot of fun and full of customized sticker dice.


Fury of Dracula - Group - FFG

4 vs 1 hidden moment game.  Dracula is trying to elude the hunters and spread his influence all over europe.  Mean while the hunters are tracking him down to stop his ploy.  Loved the one time I played.


Guillotine - Paul Peterson - Hasbro

Classic card game where you are using card to manipulate the order of traitors and collect their heads.  I know its morbid, but the art makes your forget that you is your goal.  30 minute card game makes you laugh but the strategy is limited and more a luck game of order and cards delt to you.


Cosmic Encounter - Group - FFG

Classic 80's negoaiting combat game.  You are invading other planets with the help of allies.  You must colonize 5 planets to win.  Seems simple? It's not.  The countless amount of cards that counter your cards and strick help of deals gone sour make this a must try game at some point in your life.


Colt Express - Christophe Raimbault - Asmodee

Action selection game that is played on a 3D train.  Its a very cut throat game that has family time written all over it.


La Isla - Stefan Feld - Ravensburg Games

Qwuirkly little card selection game where you are trying ot control the map in order to take pictures of exotic animals and change the value of what those pictures cost.  Interesting game by a great designer in Feld.


WWE Superstar Showdown - Group - Gale Force Nine

Rock - Paper - Scissors mechanics mixed with miniature John Cena and gang makes for some fun times.  Not the wrestling game I was hoping for but it is quite a bit of fun to throw down.


Room 25 - Francois Rouze - Matagot Games

Co-Op with a traitor to find the exit.  This programmed movement game has been a ton of fun.  I believe that I need the expansion to really get the feel of a complete game.


Zooloretto - Michael Schacht - Rio Grande Games

Set collection classic.  A cute family style game that makes filling a zoo of your animals a lot of fun.


Between Two Cities - Group - Stonemaier Games

Using your partners on either side of you, you are building a city grid. Whoeever builds the best two cities, not just one amazing cities (so your average) makes you the winner.  The tiles are "meh" but the game is a lot of fun.


Agricola - Uwe Rosenberg - Z-Man Games

Classic worker placement game.  Need to play more but the theme of farming will make it tough considering I like a Rural farming community and the theme is played out for me.


Sherriff of Nottingham - Halaban/Zatz - Arcane Wonders

Picture B.S. or as the a child we called it Cowbunga.  With the added theme of robin hood.  The comonents are great.  As the bags snap just brings joy to my ears.


Marvel Munchkin - Steve Jackson - Steve Jackson Games

I'm a superhero fan.  Munchkin has always been so "meh" but adding the likes of my favorite superhero I was sold.  I enjoy this version more then any other millions of types of munchkins.


Main Frame -   - FFG

Classic grid on paper game has come to life with vary powers.  I have only played 2 players and I am waiting to try it with more.  Very enjoyable.


Patch Work - Uwe Rosenburg - Mayfair Games

2 Player tile placement game that feels very tetris like with money management.  Need more time to play.


Favor of the Pharoah - Tom Lehmann - Bezier Games

Dominion with dice.  Lots of dice.  Lots different powers and ways to play.


Biblios - Steve Finn - Iello Games

Set Collection drafting game.  A lof strategy in this little box.  


Fairytales - Satoshi Nakamura - Z-Man Games

Fantasy theme drafting game that only lets you play half of the cards you drafted.  Very enjoyable but will never play the advance rules; seem pointless.


Quadropolis - Francios Gandon - Days of Wonder

New city builder that does not feel like a city builder.  Feels more like a grid operator and set collection game.


Tides of Time - Kristian Curla - Portal Games

Quick two player drafting collection game.  Great big cards, and great art but lacking in theme.


Battle Cruisers - Phillip duBarry - Tasty Ministrel Games

Weird free game from kickstarter thanks to Eminent Domain.  Wouldn't have paid money but considering it was free and I enjoyed the coupled cut throat hands I've played, it will get played again.


Pirates Cove - Randal/Stahl -Days of Wonder

Awkward pirate themed game that I've only tried with two players making it weird fighting a ghost ship not each other.  


Superfight -  - Skybound

Fun arguing game, not very competitve and more fun picturing the nouns mixed with those adjectives fighting each other.


Forbidden Desert/Island - Matt Leacock - Gamewright

Co-Op game for the whole family where you need to collect the right amount of cards in order to stop the island from sinking.  Sound familar? Same guy who did pandemic and he is using the same mechanics here with this game.


Zombie Dice - Steve Jackson - Steve Jackson Games

Push your luck rolling dice game.


Flip City - Chih-Fan Chen - Tasy Minstrel Games

Push your luck card game.


Fluxx - Looney - Looney Labs

Silly card game where the basic rules of draw play one get turned upsidedown by every rule change.  The game is always in Fluxx, hence the name.

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